Pennsauken Youth Action Committee Theatre

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How old do you have to be to audition?

    Mainstage: Ages 13 to 23. 

    Ministage: Ages 8 to 12. 

  2. How much is it to register for Ministage auditions?

    The registration fee is only $60.00 (non-refundable), this includes a T-shirt.

    This $60.00 registration fee is one of the lowest fees in the (at LEAST!) tri-county area. It is non-refundable, meaning if your child leaves the show, you do not get your $60.00 back.

  3. When are auditions? When are callbacks? What are the requirements for both?

    Please visit our Auditions page for the answers to these questions.

  4. If you have a lot of people auditioning, will there be any people cut from the show?

    NEVER! This is an educational-based theatre company, where we believe that no matter what part you may have, you will always be learning something (on or offstage) and to deny you that opportunity from the beginning is wrong.

  5. I have some dates that conflict with the rehearsal schedule...should I still audition?

    Yes! If you will be unable to make rehearsal for a few days, you should still audition because we may be able to work around your conflicting dates, if it's possible!

  6. Do we need to sell ADs?

    Ministage: There is a $50 minimum for Ad and Well-Wishes sales. This gives parents, relatives, and friends the opportunity to put something in the playbill to cheer on their child.

  7. When are rehearsals?

    Please visit our Calendar section on the left side of the webpage.

  8. Do I need any previous experience to audition?

    Not at all! Yet again, PYACT is here to educate you about all the aspects of theater (in addition to having fun!) and a part of learning is gaining experience! So come out and audition!

  9. Is Pennsauken Youth Action Committee Theatre only for Pennsauken residents?

    Not at all! Everyone is welcome to join--it's a great way to meet other people from other towns and to make lasting friendships!

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