Pennsauken Youth Action Committee Theatre

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                                       CAST LIST

Congratulations to all who auditioned! We are in for an incredibly fun--and talented!--summer! We are absolutely thrilled that we have opportunities for all of our students to be seen, heard, and featured in a special way! We are looking forward to cultivating all the potential our cast has and producing another wonderful show this year!



Dorothy Gale: Abby S


Aunt Em: Santina


Uncle Henry: Brendan


Harley (Hunk): Nevaeh


The Scarecrow: Belle Ra.


Zeke: Ian


The Lion: Anajah


Hickory: Erinkimber


The Tin Man: Jonathan


Miss Gulch: Nadia 


The Wicked Witch of the West: Hailey


Puppet Toto/ Kansas Toto: Grace C.


Oz Toto: Maggie


Professor Marvel/Wizard: Seamus 


Doorman/Guard: Kate P


Glinda: Grace P


Oz Woman: Sarah


Munchkins/ Featured Ozians/Winkie Guards:




Abigail H.



Featured Jitterbugs: Featured Dancers (Alexa, Nancy, Santina, Grace C, Hannah, Liv J, Emily J, Olivia A, Nadia, Nevaeh, Nicolette, Nikki, Trina, Ian, Kate, Taylor, Abby P, Leah, Kasey, Emma, Victoria, Lily S., Lily B.)


Winged Monkeys/Crows- Quinn, Bridget, Sophie, Hannah, Leah


Nikko (Head Monkey): Ibrahim


Leader of the Winkies: Hayden, Belle Ro.


The following character make appearances in the tornado:

Lady in Rocking Chair: Abby W.

Rowboat Man #1: Amanda

Rowboat Man #2: Abigail H.

Cow: Noel


The following characters are featured roles in Munchnkinland:

Munchkin #1: Maddie J.

Munchkin #2: Lily B.

Mayor of Munchkin City: Taylor

Barrister: Emily J.

City Father #1: Liv J.

City Father #2: Alexa

Coroner: Leanna

Three Tots (Lullaby League) and Optimistic Voices: Olivia A., Nikki, Trina, Lily S.

Three Tough Kids (Lollipop Guild) and Optimistic Voices: Nicolette, Abby P., Nancy, Victoria


Dorothy meets the following characters on her journey to see the Wizard:

Apple Tree #1: Emma C.

Apple Tree #2: Kaylee

Apple Tree #3: Belle Ro.


Dorothy meets the following characters in Oz:

Cat: Emma J.


Featured Dancers: (Alexa, Nancy, Santina, Grace C, Hannah, Liv J, Emily J, Olivia A, Nadia, Nevaeh, Nicolette, Nikki, Trina, Ian, Kate, Taylor, Abby P, Leah, Kasey, Emma, Victoria, Lily S., Lily B.)


That's all, folks! As of 4/29/14, we have received our 50th sign up! Those who inquire about participating in our show will now be put on a waiting list to either join the chorus or to audition for a role at our last time slot (Sunday, May 18th at 2:30PM) if someone signed up does not show up for his/her audition! We will call those respective people (on a first-come, first-called basis) no later than 1:30PM on Sunday, May 18th.

Looking forward to a great summer!



The Wizard of Oz Auditions

**All sign up time slots BEGIN at the first time listed, meaning that if the time slot starts at 9AM, you are to be ready to audition at 9AM.**


May 17th: (9AM to 10:30AM (this time slot is now filled), 10:30AM to Noon (this time slot is now filled), 1PM to 2:30PM, 2:30PM to 4PM)

May 18th: (9AM to 10:30AM, 10:30AM to Noon, 1PM to 2:30PM, 2:30PM to 4PM)

At Phifer Middle School

(8201 Park Ave, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08109)

Audition requirements:

-Memorize a short story that you've written prior to the audition and recite it for us. The story should be 30 seconds maximum and can be about an exciting event (party, vacation), family member (silliest or favorite family member), or something else appropriate. Students can also memorize a short poem if they prefer.

-Sing a song of your choosing! It can be "Happy Birthday" if you're shy!

-Short dance audition that will be taught at the time of the audition

-Your non-refundable $60 registration fee (this includes a Wizard of Oz T-shirt!) due at the time of your audition.

Cash or check is accepted. Checks can be made out to PYACT or Pennsauken Youth Action Committee Theatre.

**Due to the high enrollment of our Ministage program, we will only see auditions from the first 50 students that have reserved a time slot with us via email ([email protected]). Please reserve as soon as possible, because we quickly fill up!**