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This production is tailored to young performers, creating a wonderful adaptation of The Wizard of Oz that runs approximately an hour long. It contains a song not in the original movie musical and is adapted to give young performers with little or lots of experience time to shine!



This musical is for actors ages 8 to 13.

The show features songs from the movie musical, such as:


"Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead" from The Wizard of Oz


"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz

Here is the synopsis of the show:

Dorothy Gale lives on a Kansas farm with her aunt and uncle. She keeps getting in the way while the adults work, so she finds a quiet place where she won?t get into any trouble ?Over The Rainbow. The girl is upset when the mean Miss Gulch comes to take her dog Toto away. However, Toto escapes and joins Dorothy as she runs away from the farm. They meet the kind Professor Marvel, who convinces Dorothy to go back home. When a cyclone hits, Dorothy and Toto seek shelter in her room, where Dorothy is accidentally hit on the head.

When she wakes up, her house has been carried to The Land of Oz, where it lands on and fatally strikes the Wicked Witch of the East, freeing the Munchkins from the Witch?s power ? Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead. The Wicked Witch of the West comes to avenge her sister?s death and to claim her sister?s magic ruby slippers, only to find them on Dorothy?s feet, where the Witch can?t get to them. Dorothy wants to go back home to Kansas, but the Munchkins tell her she must seek help from the Wizard of Oz. So Dorothy is off to see the Wizard ? Yellow Brick Road.

Along the way she meets three new friends and travel companions. The Scarecrow explains why he needs to see the Wizard in If I Only Had A Brain. The Tinman joins them because his life would be better If I Only Had A Heart and the Lion comes along ? If I Only Had The Nerve.

The group reaches a haunted forest filled with jitterbugs that spook them and make them dance until they all collapse from exhaustion ? Jitterbug. Then they arrive at the Merry Old Land Of Oz, but the Wizard refuses at first to meet them. The Wicked Witch threatens them again, and they are finally brought to see the Wizard, who will help them only if they prove themselves worthy by bringing him the Witch?s broomstick. So off the foursome goes, through a haunted forest to the land of the Winkies, who guard the Wicked Witch?s castle.

In the forest some winged monkeys capture Dorothy and Toto and take them to the castle, where the Wicked Witch again fails to get the ruby slippers off Dorothy?s feet and threatens to drown Toto. But Toto escapes, just as the Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman come to rescue Dorothy. The Wicked Witch becomes even meaner and threatens the Scarecrow with fire on her broomstick. Dorothy throws a bucket of water at the fire and ends up dousing the Wicked Witch, who screams and melts into nothing. ? Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead. The foursome take the broomstick back to the Wizard, who is revealed as just an ordinary man hiding behind a curtain.

At a graduation ceremony, the Wizard makes the Scarecrow a Doctor of Thinkology, the Lion a member of the Legion of Courage and gives the Tinman a heart-shaped watch. He offers to take Dorothy back to Kansas in his hot-air balloon, but the balloon accidentally takes off without Dorothy and Toto. The good witch Glinda explains to Dorothy how to get home: All she has to do is close her eyes, tap her heels together three times and repeat "there?s no place like home."

Back in Kansas the storm is over. Dorothy wakes up confused, but soon realizes that there really is "no place like home."


Dorothy Gale is a sweet, innocent young lady who has a streak of boldness. She lives on a farm with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry but dreams of escaping to a far-off place where she does not get into so much trouble. She and her dog, Toto, are inseparable. She is a bit outspoken and headstrong, but dearly loves her family and friends. Dorothy needs to be a strong vocalist and a good dancer.

Aunt Em is a typical hard-working farmer's wife. Aunt Em must be able to show both her strong side and her softer side. Aunt Em sings the reprise of "Over the Rainbow," but this is mainly an acting role.

Uncle Henry is the owner of the farm and Aunt Em's husband. Uncle Henry is a speaking role with a few lines.

Hunk is one of the three farmhands. We will be separating this role from the Scarecrow. Hunk has a few lines.

The Scarecrow needs to have good body control and good pitch and musical rhythm.

Zeke is one of the three farmhands. We will be separating this role from the Lion. Zeke has a few lines.

The Lion should be played by a character with good comedic timing and has a strong character voice.

Hickory is one of the three farmhands. We will be separating this role from the Tin Man. Hickory has a few lines.

The Tin Man should have good control of his/her body and should possess a good singing voice.

Miss Gulch is the Wicked Witch's alter-ego. We will be separating this role from the Witch. Miss Gulch has a few lines.

The Wicked Witch of the West is a non-singing role, but has the great responsibility of living up to the iconic Wicked Witch laugh.

Toto is a limited singing role, but should be able to embody canine characteristics.

Professor Marvel is the Wizard's alter-ego. We will be separating this role from The Wizard. Professor Marvel has a few lines.

Wizard is a speaking-only role, but must have a commanding voice and has a lot of dialogue to memorize.

Doorman is a comical character that tries to be tough but turns into a "softy."

The Guard is a similar to the Doorman in character.

Glinda is the Good Witch of the North. She should have a delicate, graceful manner and a lovely voice.

Munchkins are the little people who live in Muchkinland and have a child-like innocence and are full of joy.

Jitterbugs are a small group of dancers who have been sent by the Wicked Witch to out-dance Dorothy.

Winged Monkeys are the Wicked Witch's animal army. While there are no lines or singing involved, this is still a featured role.

Nikko is the leader of the Winged Monkeys and has a small speaking part.

Winkie Guards need to sing a little bit and move in formation.

Leader of the Winkies is the leader of the Wicked Witch's guards. This role has no solo singing.

The Ozians are the people who live in Emerald City. Like the Munchkins, the Ozians have a few nice features.

The following character make appearances in the tornado:

Lady in Rocking Chair

Rowboat Man #1

Rowboat Man #2


The following characters are featured roles in Munchnkinland:

Munchkin #1

Munchkin #2

Mayor of Munchkin City


City Father #1

City Father #2


Three Tots

Three Tough Kids

Dorothy meets the following characters on her journey to see the Wizard:


Apple Tree #1

Apple Tree #2

Apple Tree #3

Dorothy meets the following characters in Oz:

Optimistic Voices


**There may be more featured parts by breaking up solos or adding solos, but they will be added either on the cast list or during rehearsals. In addition, there will be a featured dancer dance during The Tornado.**



MEDICAL AND CONDUCT FORM: Medical and Conduct Form.rtf


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